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Squall's Revolver Gunblade [Low-Poly] [FF8] :iconguildencrantzgw:GuildencrantzGW 1 0 Auron's Katana - Low-Poly - Final Fantasy 10 :iconguildencrantzgw:GuildencrantzGW 6 0 Low-poly Fenrir Keyblade - Kingdom Hearts 2 :iconguildencrantzgw:GuildencrantzGW 2 0 Final Fantasy 10 Longsword 3D Model :iconguildencrantzgw:GuildencrantzGW 1 0


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Squall's Revolver Gunblade [Low-Poly] [FF8]
Squall’s signature “Revolver” gunblade from Final Fantasy 8 in a low-poly, hand-painted style. This one was real tough, but I think the finished piece ain't half bad!

The original game provides very limited reference for the engraving on the side, but thankfully a user over on by the name of ForsakenAcres did a stunning render of it, which I then used as reference to build a vector mask.

Tris: 242 (x2 with outline mesh)

Texture: 1024 x 256


Dissida (PSP) model:…

ForsakenAcres’s render:…
Auron's Katana - Low-Poly - Final Fantasy 10

My low-poly take on Auron’s signature “Shimmering Blade” katana from Final Fantasy 10. I’m extremely happy with how this one turned out, especially the gold engraving! This weapon’s design is based primarily on the FF10 version Auron uses in-game (which is a bit more interesting than the one he has in cutscenes/merch), although the grip is inspired by the one from his Kingdom Hearts 2 katana (the normal one is nonsensical). I also messed around with the colours a bit, as the default ones are a tad bland!

Tris: 92 (x2 with outline mesh)

Texture: 128 x 512


Original PS2 model…

Kingdom Hearts 2 version…


Low-poly Fenrir Keyblade - Kingdom Hearts 2

My low-poly take on the Fenrir Keyblade. You get awarded this for defeating Sephiroth in Kingdom Hearts 2, which is no small feat! I ended up removing the keychain, as doing the wolf motif is a bit beyond my skills at the moment.

Tris: 498 (x2 with outline mesh)

Texture: 256x512


Original PS2 model…

KH Wiki

Final Fantasy 10 Longsword 3D Model

“Take it; A gift from Jecht”

Titus’s longsword, given to you by Auron near the beginning of Final Fantasy 10! I always though this was a pretty rad design for a “first weapon”, so I figured it’d be a fun practice piece.

My take on it is a cross between the original version from the 2001 release of FF10 and the one depicted in a long-dead, obscure social card game called Artniks. I also made it a bunch more anime, because that’s how I roll.

Tris: 334 (x2 with outline mesh)
Texture: 256 x 1024


FF10 2001 model:…

Artniks card:…






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